Silent Auction Ideas Bid Sheets

If you have never been to a school silent auction, you don’t know how much you have missed. These can be one of the most exciting events of the year in your neighborhood. Every one you go to is different, and you never know what kind of bargains you will find. They are a great time of fun, fellowship and food.

One person needs to be chosen to head up silent auction ideas and organize the auction. She can choose as many people as she needs to help her. Helpers will be needed to collect donations, make the auction sheets, set up the auction, hand out the gifts to the winners, collect the money and to clean up afterwards.

Send a note home to the parents with each student. Ask them if they have anything they can donate for the auction. It can be things they purchase and donate, or it can have something to do with their business, a talent they have or an activity they want to plan for a certain number of people.

All of the local businesses need to be visited and asked to donate something for the school auction. They can donate different types of lessons, such as guitar lessons, dance lessons and tennis lessons. Restaurants can donate appetizers, gift cards, meals for two, meals for a year or free drinks for a certain time period. Hotels can offer free nights or a special room at a discount rate. Tanning sessions, hair cuts or toys are great auction items, too.

To increase the participation and fun, a local restaurant can donate a meal to be served at the time of the auction. Some of the parents may want to put together a mini-carnival for the children to participate in while their parents are participating in the auction. Either of these added activities will add a good amount of money to your fundraiser.

Every item to be auctioned should be placed on a table with a piece of paper for the participants to vote on. You can start the bidding at a penny, or you can set a minimum price. Each participant should have their own pen or pencil. They circulate among the tables writing down their name and bid on the articles they are interested in. At the end of auction, the money is collected and the items are given to the highest bidder.