Why is Koh Hong in Phang Nga popular?

mountain surrounded by body of water during daytime

The interesting at Koh Hong in Phangnga, Thailand

          Hong Island is a big island that travelers may visit by passing through the cave. There is a lagoon which ships can pass. The widths range from 2 to 10 meters, with a depth of 150 meters. However, before entering the cave, you must wait for the water to appropriately rise and fall. Many visitors like canoeing and kayaking because within the cave, there is a high cliff surrounded by forest. Someday, you may see marmots, birds, or hen bats in the cave which are very beautiful and attract the customers. Around Koh Hong, there are limestone hills that form practically a spherical shape around Hong Island in Phang Nga Province.

It is located in Phang Nga Bay National Park, Koh Panyee Subdistrict, Mueang Phang Nga District, Phang Nga Province in Thailand. There are Koh Hongs in both Phangnga and Phuket, which are different locations. So you should make sure about the destination and carefully study the route to avoid ending up in the incorrect spot. It is open daily from 08:00 to 16:00.

Before visiting Koh Hong in Phang Nga, you must first visit Ban Ta Dan. There are several methods to get to the Dan Pier, including:

  1. By car

If you are driving your own car, the best way to get to Phang Nga is by driving via National Highway No. 4, often known as the Petchkasem Road. Then, from Muang District in Phang Nga Province, go ahead for about 3 kilometers to Thung Takua District. Turn left onto National Highway No. 4144, then turn left again and go straight ahead. Tha Dan Pier and the Visitor Center are around 4 kilometers away. There are buses, minibuses, and motorbikes accessible for visitors in Phang Nga, with fares that do not exceed 50 baht per person, which are very convenient.

  1. By plane

          You can go to Bangkok Airport and take a plane to the Phuket international airport. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, then travels by car for about 61 kilometers, taking about 1 hour to reach Phang Nga Province. After that, take a car on the Phang Nga to Tha Dan.

To go to Koh Hong, you can hire a speedboat or contact a travel agency at Ban Tha Dan Pier in Mueang Phang Nga District. However, the cost varies depending on the number of people, starting from 800 Baht.

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